Professional Tattoos in Grand Junction Colorado

At Krypt Tattoo we offer all of our clients professional tattoo services. Great looking tattoos is what our business thrives on and our artwork is our passion. We invite you into Krypt Tattoo for your next tattoo. Feeling comfortable and relaxed before a tattoo means everything to us because the more comfortable our clients are, the easier it is to tattoo creating a great experience with hopes of many more to come.

Tattoo Styles

There are many different types of styles out there and we grasp them all. We offer a variety of tattoo services, we’re not a specialist in just one style but many styles! We have been tattooing for years and have the experience, skill and knowledge needed to fulfill your tattoo dreams. We specialize in all styles including custom tattoos, neo-traditional, new school tattoos, realism tattoos, trash polka tattoos, portraits, traditional and much more…

Cover-up Tattoos

Are you interested in covering up a tattoo that you aren’t pleased with? Why wait, we can give you the best options available when it comes to covering up an old tattoo. Whether it’s faded or just plain ugly, we can help you figure out what would look best as a cover up.

Tattoo Sleeves

Sleeves are a big commitment for both the artist and client. When looking for an artist to do your sleeve you need to know the capabilities he/she has. My previous work and experience can handle a great looking sleeve. Check out my past work and contact me for your next tattoo! If you are in Grand Junction, Montrose, Rifle or surrounding areas contact us for your next tattoo!

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