Professional Tattoos in Rifle Colorado

Krypt Tattoo, conveniently located in Grand Junction Colorado, just minutes away from Rifle Colorado, specializes in all things tattoo. From cover ups to sleeves, we do it all. Every style imaginable we can do because our experience, skill and knowledge in the tattoo industry spans for years. We love what we do and would love to work with you on your next tattoo project. Why wait when you can come into a licensed shop with experienced tattoo artists and leave with a great looking tattoo. Not only do we provide excellent looking tattoos but the experience you have at Krypt Tattoo is memorable and you will never need to look for another artist.

Tattoo Cover-ups

When your ready to cover up an old tattoo, we are your source. Cover ups take skill and knowledge because not every tattoo will look good over another tattoo. You also need to take into consideration the placement of the new tattoo. Between placement and design we can turn your old unwanted tattoo into a brand new, great looking piece of artwork.

Tattoo Sleeves

We are ready for you at Krypt Tattoo. When it comes to sleeves, we get very excited. Sleeves are a commitment we are willing to make with all of our clients and trust in us, we will give you more then what your expecting. Our artists at Krypt Tattoos are professional and skilled to take on all types of tattoos.

Tattoo Styles

Krypt Tattoo specializes in all styles in the tattoo industry. Some styles include custom tattoos, neo-traditional, new school tattoos, realism tattoos, trash polka tattoos, portraits and many more… We are ready to take on your next tattoo project, contact us today!